Internet: how to control it?

Internet: how to control it?

Internet is a permanently open window to the world right in your home. Children can't tell how far they can go and how danger peeks at every corner.

Internet can be very helpful in a child's development. On one hand it's a bottomless well of information, on the other, it doesn't disregard the need for research.

Nevertheless, an uncontrolled use of Internet might turn out to be extremely dangerous. So your child takes the best out of the Internet experience, follow some ground rules:


  • Encourage your child to share with you his Internet experiences.
  • Explain to him how the difference between right and wrong stands for the Internet just as it does for real life.
  • Teach your child to trust his instincts and warn his parents if he sees, hears or receives any information that threatens him or makes him feel uneasy.
  • Explain to him the importance of not sending any kind of personal information, such as: name, address, school name, place where he lives and plays, phone, parents' data, schedules...
  • Teach him to never set dates with online friends. People aren't always who they say they are. When someone tries to set up a date with him, encourage him to tell you about it.

If you still can't get peace of mind you can monitor all of your child's activity on the Internet. Nowadays there's free online software custom made for that effect.


by Zippy

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