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Back to school: how to keep your children’s anxiety under control
by Zippy - 17/08/2012

All parents become worried upon seeing their children anxious about going back to school

Back to school: innovate by recycling!
by Zippy - 17/08/2012

Get out of your children’s heads the notion that recycling is all about saving! Get them to think the exact opposite: recycling isn’t about saving, it’s about innovating. So we can have unique, different things!

Tips for their first days at school.
by Zippy - 17/08/2012

We’ll use this space to provide you with some tips which can help your child during his first days at school.

Travelling with babies
by Zippy - 29/03/2012


Before leaving: packing!

Start preparing travel arrangements a few days in advance. Create a list and then gather everything you need in a single location. Don't forget to cross off items as they become ready to be put in the suitcase.


Back to school: marking your material, what a bummer!
by Zippy - 16/08/2011

That's right, along with various other situations, going back to school brings along the very unengaging task of marking your children's materials. And if you have more than one child of school age, you'll have twice as much work!

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